What is Denali Gold™?

The most important component of soil is humus. Humus, often described as the “life-force” of soil, increases soil water absorption and improves soil workability. Denali Gold™ Alaskan Humus can be used as a seed germinator, soil amendment, mulch or a top dressing for lawns and gardens.

The origin of Alaskan humus has been reliably traced back tens of thousands of years, and has slowly matured by Alaska’s long winters and short intense summers. This maturation combined with the interaction of volcanic ash and glacial silt has made Denali Gold™ Alaskan Humus one of natures finest products for all of your gardening and horticultural needs.Known for its natural, rugged, untouched beauty, Alaska is the premier location for the harvest of humus. Denali Gold™ Alaskan humus is entirely natural and devoid of any pesticides, E. coli, or harmful chemicals that are often found in commercial composts and fertilizers.

The Alaska Organics Company™, LLC extracts Alaskan humus with environmental care, providing a product that is healthy, dependable, and entirely organic.

Where Can I Get Denali Gold?

As a newer product, Denali Gold is rapidly making it’s way into store chains across the United States. To find a location close to you check our list of retail outlets for Denali Gold.

Healthy Soil

You cannot overestimate the importance of healthy soil when it comes to investing in a lawn, garden, or park. And because your soil isn’t entirely healthy without humus, order your Denali Gold Alaskan humus today.

Denali Gold provides commercial and residential soil care solutions.

"Denali Gold™ is a very powerful ingredient necessary to create and sustain a rich healthy soil" - Steve Goto
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