Denali Gold Testimonial

I’m a retired nursery grower and gardener with 30 years
of growing experience. For the past 20 years I’ve been
involved in growing and lecturing on the benefits of living
organisms in our soil. My focus is soil sustainability and
ultimate health of our environment. Denali Gold is a very
powerful ingredient necessary to create and sustain a rich
healthy soil by using the many layers of organisms which
Denali Gold offers. This product contains a complete series
of basic and advanced forms of micro-organisms which
is the heart and soul of organic growing. My trial results
have shown up to 25% larger plant growth. Up to 25% more
fruit production. Less consumption of water and lower
requirement for fertilizer. Best of all fruit grown with Denali
Gold had an increase in the brix level or the sugar content
within the fruit meaning an increase in flavor with whatever
you grow.

Steve Goto
Lecturer – Consultant
Retired Nursery Owner/Grower

27527 Mangrove St. Murrieta, CA 92563 951.836.8871